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A NowWOW is a discussion-based event that allows for the exchange of ideas and exposure to issues faced by women in STEM, ultimately motivating girls to pursue STEM paths. There are three types: a Fail Fearlessly (a prominent women in a STEM field presents about her career and obstacles she has faced and overcome), a Round Table (open discussion), or a Top Hat (targeted discussion of a particular topic). 

*Covid-19 Adaptations: NowWOWs can still happen through video chat platforms like Zoom. Inviting other chapters to have a joint NowWOW has also never been easier!


WOW Events consist of several interactive workshops that are intended to increase female and rookie member engagement. These events include, but are not limited to WOW Shop Night and Operation < your team's # >. While some events are only for girls, there are others that are open for your entire team to participate in!

*Covid-19 Adaptations: Chapters can still easily host virtual events, like a movie night or a trivia event!


WOW Connect is a communication network that fosters connections within chapters of the WOW program and beyond. WOW Connect uses platforms like Slack, Instagram, and Facebook for real-time updates within chapters, as well as recruitment of new members and teams.

*Covid-19 Adaptations: During these challenging times, efficient communication is more important than ever! With the abundance of accessible technology at our fingertips, WOW is looking to further connections between chapters with platforms like Zoom.

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